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All my friends.

Freely, fully, anything goes. Load in your mates, crank up the tunes, drive out in style.

Get back at it

Up for it all.

The new SEAT Ibiza. Smiles, music, the good life. Shine on together with Full LED headlights and tweak the mood with new airvent lights.

Airvent Lights

Dashboard to the dancefloor.

Drive in a cabin that glows, with new ambient airvent lights adding to the party atmosphere.


Paint it how you feel.

Available for:

FR trim

Rock that sports look.

Why not optimise it? Redefine your rhythm with an enhanced sportive design. The FR trim adds bold dynamic flair to the mix.

Integrated exhaust pipes.

Enhanced by sports style and performance.

Brighter and boundless.

Light up brighter with Full LED headlights.

Performance 18" in Black.

Propelled by Machined Alloy wheels.

FR Emblem.

Topped off with a bespoke finishing touch.


Choose your rims.

Alloy brings lightness and strength. Galvanised and fresh. In your choice of design.





Interior design

Call the shots.

Put music selection at your fingertips with the new ergonomically designed multifunctional steering wheel. You can even refine the look, with a leather finish.


Wear it however you like.

We’re not all cut from the same cloth, so why should your SEAT Ibiza be? Customise your seats so they’re cut out just for you.



* There is a different design and stitching for each trim.

Want to learn more about the new SEAT Ibiza?

* There is a different design and stitching for each trim.

Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to learn more about the product offer available for you.

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