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CUPRA is the trademark that combines SEAT performance and sportiness.

Built on the basis of proven and reliable high-volume technology, exclusive CUPRA models provide uncompromising performance and dynamic driving qualities that can compete on an equal footing with those of other renowned representatives in the sports car field. The CUPRA models are, so to speak, the high-performance athletes in the SEAT model range. The catchy name CUPRA is not an invented name but stands for "Cup Racing" and thus creates a link with SEAT's successful involvement in motorsport.

The forerunner of this trend is the SEAT Ibiza CUPRA which emerged directly from active motorsport and carried SEAT to victory on three occasions in the FIA 2-litre class World Cup in 1996, 1997 and 1998. The CUPRA offer currently includes two models, the Ibiza and Leon CUPRA.