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Best small cars for city driving.

At SEAT, our range of small cars is extensive. Once inside, you will find that the only thing small about our compact cars is the size. The ideas behind these new cars are big, and the design, technology and safety features you find inside are inspiring on a grand scale.

Small cars can be the perfect way to get around the city, allowing drivers flexibility while driving on busy streets and the possibility to fit into tighter parking spaces or down side streets, or parking lots specifically designed for compact small cars.

Small cars also generally come with a much better fuel economy that larger vehicles. With a much more fuel-efficient car, you will notice a huge difference in your wallet, with the same amount of fuel taking you many further miles. 

When you’re behind the wheel in a small car such as the SEAT Mii or the SEAT Ibiza city car, you’ll notice immediately how fun these vehicles are to drive. Smaller cars generally accelerate faster than larger ones, while the design also allows you to perform sharp turns and break very efficiently, offering the driver an unparalleled sense of control.

Added to these brilliant reasons to buy a small car like the Mii or Ibiza are the huge range of options of accessories available to go along with your new compact small car. These accessories open up a world of possibilities in terms of smart storage solutions, connectivity for the best connected car experience, and stylish finishes to make your small car shine brightly.

SEAT Mii small city car

The SEAT Mii is a city car that makes sense in the big urban jungle. It is a car as practical as it is compact. Available in three or five doors, and equipped with the latest technology that is created to complement your lifestyle. 

Enjoy cutting edge technological features in your compact city car including Safety Assist, satellite navigation (sat nav), and the new Eco Trainer function. The Eco Trainer is a handy device that displays all the information from your On Board computer, radio and CD player. Enjoy the best connected car experience with the My SEAT App.

Reflecting the vibrancy of city life, the SEAT Mii small city car is designed to perfection, adding touches of class to your car so you can arrive in style wherever you’re going. Select between metallic painting and colour contrasting roof free of charge, exclusive upholstery options, and fine details on the dashboard and steering wheel.

The SEAT Mii comes in two variants – the Design Mii, and the FR-Line Mii to give a sportier look and performance. It’s the small car that opens up big possibilities. Get a Mii for you today. 

Iconic SEAT Ibiza city car

The New SEAT Ibiza is a small car with huge potential. The current version of the iconic SEAT model is the fifth generation of the Ibiza, and it is a small car laden with the latest technology that makes it one of the most comfortable, safest and most enjoyable cars to drive in its class. From multi-media systems with Bluetooth® to Bi-Xenon with AFS directional headlights, it’s a car that is as intelligent as it is desirable. 

The precise dynamic lines on the car body and fluid good looks makes the SEAT Ibiza one of the hottest cars on the market, let alone within just its segment. With space and comfort in equal measure, and a variety of efficient and powerful engines, it’s an all-rounder that will impress you from every angle.

Winner of the WhatCar? Car of the Year 2018 for Best Small Car award, and the RedDot Design award 2017, the SEAT Ibiza is a reference point for excellence in design and class. With a design that is fresh and young, yet a look that is well-balanced at the same time, the Ibiza makes a hugely strong impression. 

Choose the right SEAT Ibiza compact city car for yourself between six different versions depending on your needs – the SE, SE Technology, FR, FR Sport, Xcellence, and Xcellence LUX. 

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