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SEAT presents it’s latest digital driven campaigns.

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SEAT brand breaks the mold in its most recent creative marketing campaigns to promote its strongest range ever. Developed with agencies CATORCE Agency and DDB Paris, these campaigns highlight the unique experiences with the optimistic Barcelona mindset.

Modernising classic fairy tales into a “whole other story” echoes SEAT Leon’s positioning.

The new SEAT Leon campaign revitalizes the classic fairy tales we’ve all grown up with by adapting the characters, situations and scenarios as a reflection of the present-day society. In this campaign, Barcelona, the birthplace of SEAT and an emblematic city for the company, becomes a real-life fairy tale world. Spanish filmmaker Sega, through Lee Films, combines the city's urban architecture with elements of wild nature.

“The SEAT Leon, Ibiza and Arona are key pillars of success for our company, so the campaigns needed to capture their deep importance for the brand. As SEAT expands its car range and business model with electrified urban mobility solutions, we also needed to change the rules of the game.  All campaigns are socially and digitally driven, but also expandable into more traditional media.  The ideas highly memorable, the executions emotional. Involving community builders like for instance Jackson Myles on Ibiza to amplify the impact. Our longtime partner CATORCE and DDB Paris have been able to find the most compelling aspects to advertise each offering”, says Jason Lusty, Global Marketing Director of SEAT and CUPRA.

“Times have changed, and so too has the relevance of traditional stories, such as fairy tales. These classic stories have become distanced from the standards of equality and societal roles we know today. So, in this campaign, beloved characters like Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood are empowered to rewrite their ending and become strong and self- sufficient. The SEAT Leon enters the narrative as a modern-day car capable of not only of seducing the driver, but also of enabling her to tell her story differently”, says CATORCE Agency’s Chief Creative Officer, Toby Talbot.

Young people and music, protagonists in #AllMyFriends.

#AllMyFriends portrays the youthful and social spirit of the new SEAT Ibiza.

The social and youthful character of the SEAT Ibiza is the driving force behind the #AllMyFriends campaign to showcase the good times friends will have in this car. It’s a meeting point for youngsters and a place to socialise, listen to music and celebrate their friendship.

“The launch spot portrays this idea perfectly, showcasing scenes full of music, dancing and young people. We can see how the owner of the car - represented by the TikTok and Instagram influencer, Jackson Myles - gathers different groups of friends in his SEAT Ibiza, always dancing behind the wheel and having fun, almost as if the car were a party venue”,
explains Talbot.

#GetCarriedAway with the new SEAT Arona

The new SEAT Arona campaign, named #GetCarriedAway, illustrates how joyfully one can get carried away with their newly discovered passions when you have the right partner by your side. The launch spot, featuring the Arona XP, portrays a young lady, passionately engaging in a new hobby, inspired during lockdown. We see her getting into gardening and forming a magical relationship with her plants.

All Ready. A rallying cry powered by SEAT SUVs.

With a renewed, fun to drive & unconventional SUV line-up (Arona 2021, Ateca 2020 and Tarraco Plug-in Hybrid 2021), times of boredom are over. The new modular campaign emphasizes the need for positive and playful experiences - enabled by SEAT SUVs –, especially relevant after times of confinement.

WE MOVE LIKE YOU MOVE: SEAT’s mantra on urban e-mobility

Celebrating more sustainable & smarter urban mobility with SEAT’s electrified range.

Whilst recent times have outlined the need for city-centers’ transformation and for a cleaner & smarter mobility, SEAT already provides a game-changing range of electrified mobility solutions. Shot by acclaimed Film & Music video Directors Michel & Olivier Gondry , the campaign, devised by DDB Paris, celebrates perpetual movement in a sequence-shot, capturing the busyness of urban & neighborhood living. Alongside the Plug-in hybrids Leon, Leon SP and Tarraco, the campaign showcases SEAT MÓ’s electric kick-scooters and the recently launched electric scooter in a visual ballet, powered by Motion Control technology and rising singer Dylan Cartlidge’s “Hang my head” soundtrack.

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