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Full Link

Your world. Connected.

Want to talk to friends and family wherever you are? Or stay up to date on emails in the easiest and safest way? Meet Full Link, your link to the world.


Bring it all home.

SEAT Full Link. A technology connecting your smartphone and infotainment system. A modern development for taking on the future.

*Compatibility depends on your country and availability of Android AutoTM, Apple CarPlayTM, MirrorLinkTM and SEAT DriveApp.


Your link to the outside world.

MirrorLink™ connects your Android smartphone to your SEAT. More functions. More information. So you can focus on the road.

Android Auto™

Smart phones for a smart life.

Got Android 5.0 or higher? Voice-controlled Android Auto™ lets you manage Google services and compatible apps on the go.

Apple CarPlay™

Life’s full of new connections.

Siri is ready to meet your SEAT. With interactive Apple CarPlayTM technology, your car becomes an extension of your iPhone.

SEAT DriveApp

Learning is improving.

Vehicle status? Next maintenance? Closest dealership or workshop? The SEAT DriveApp for iOS and Android has all the answers.

Forward thinking

Future Today.

Some overthink the future. At SEAT we find solutions, today. From TGI and Full Link to Shazam and BeatsAudioTM, the future starts now.

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