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Socioeconomic impact

Making a difference matters.

From creating new jobs to growing local industry, SEAT strives to change the world for the better. Data is based on figures from the 2017 financial year.

Business driver

The engine of change moves the world.

With a turnover of 9.5M euros, SEAT leads the automotive sector and ranks among the top 10 Spanish companies overall.

Job creator

One family. One mission.

SEAT creates over 100,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in Spain. Of the new hires in 2017, 51% were younger than 30.

Economic driver

Success starts with a shared vision.

Good investments lead to a better future. By contracting 60% of its suppliers directly from Spain, SEAT stimulates economic activity throughout the supply chain.

R&D contribution

Driving forward innovation.

With a total of 962M euros invested in R&D in 2017, SEAT is Spain’s 4th largest investor and leads the industrial sector.

Made in Spain

Spreading quality around the world.

Made in Spain. Made for everyone. As the leading Spanish industrial exporter, SEAT has generated over 7.7M euros in exports.


Hard work pays off.

In 2017, SEAT increased vehicle production by 20.7% and turnover by 56.9%, contributing to a healthier local economy overall.

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